Saturday, July 31, 2010

Opening Remarks

I am producing this Blog at the insistence of my lovely wife. She feels I have a gift for writing and needed an outlet that was both public yet confined enough so the family still had plausible deniability to my rapidly approaching senility.

As anyone who knows me, I have never been one to impress and have a healthy sense that the world does not revolve around me thus my abhorrence to Tweeting, Face Booking, or My Spacing. I have fallen under the Texting spell and Gmailing madness with my iPhone, yet crave for personal contact by actually engaging others in person or by phone. I have a Skype account but alas, I know no one who uses that video conference service, so I know not how it would serve me. The visuals might be too much for either one of us and there is the possibility of traumatizing any little children who may be in view.

Therefore I begin my blogging career to no end but to entertain and maybe inform. I doubt I will have stuff as cool as Dana Gassaway or Sarah Paylin but then I pale in comparison to the journeys those two have made. I can only hope to get a nod of recognition or maybe a "you go boy" comment posted to my humble site.

Here's the disclaimer: Just a warning to the faint of heart, I can wax political without provocation and the opinions expressed here are mine alone and not those of my many sponsors (if I had any). Thus I take this moment to apologize to my wife and children who may have to suffer through the indignation's of being interviewed by Katie Couric, Brian Williams, or (God forbid) Oprah.

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